Marketing myself or How to avoid common mistakes at the start of your web presence – Part 2 /  Editing 

It was obvious from the start that the hardest part of Rebranding would be the editing.

Editing process
Apart from how difficult a procedure it is on its own, even for a specialized professional, when a photographer is doing it to his work it can be simply unbearable. Many reasons can make you edit your work yourself (financial reasons, difficulty finding the right person to do it, “refusing” to show your work to anyone etc.) but the main reason is almost always the love you have for your pictures.

And that is the problem.

Having to choose between thousands of pictures you strived to take for hours or days even, distancing yourself enough to forget any emotions or memories attached to them, and becoming an impartial observer that can judge the work as if seeing it for the first time, is almost impossible.

If I were to do this again I would give the job to a professional editor, not out of laziness, but because I spend more than half of my time on doubting and second-guessing my choices from the first to the last edit.

A decision that now seems to be the only choice, is pairing the images with Portrait Orientation.

Feathers and plumes
The website has a unified general sense that way, you avoid scrolling and fill the screen without the ugly empty space on the left and right of the image.

Feathers and plumes
The common picture dimensions, similar colors/themes/patterns next to each other and anything that helps put nearby pictures into units, can add points to the feel and look of your website.

Feathers and plumes


This is what I learned from my website editing experience in a few words:

– Let a professional editor help you with it.

– It is OK to leave out pictures that you love and think that are perfect. They are not.

You are just too emotionally involved to tell.

– Uniformity on the web is essential.

– Always think like the customer you would like to have.



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