Make voyages. Attempt them. There’s nothing else.

I agree with Tennessee Williams. One of the reasons I cherish life and definitely one of the reasons I chose to be a photographer is travel. Any kind of travel.

I have been lucky enough to travel with my family since my tender age. Every Christmas, every Easter, every summer, we travelled for many days to different places each time. A

Also, we used to drive to the neighboring and beautiful town of Galaxidi, next to Delfi. My parents had their coffee while my little sister and I played with the ducks and kittens along with the fishermen at the pier. For 10 years we continued taking these trips, which later were transformed into happy memories and a certain need to travel.

I travel at any given opportunity.

Not necessarily to far and exotic destinations, though I do enjoy that. However, even a short trip to a place I’ve never seen before, is the salt of my life. Either as a tourist or a simple traveler, for business or pleasure, spontaneously or with a plan, to travel is a balsam for the soul.

Meeting places, buildings, landscapes and people you’ve never met before and probably never see again, will always be a good reason to appreciate life at its simplest and greatest form.

As photography is concerned, I was blessed to take pictures of people in Cuba, buildings in Germany and the blue of Greece, among other things. I wish I am lucky enough to wander the world. And if I don’t manage to photograph every little thing, the joy of travel will be enough to satisfy me. The reverse, is almost impossible; if you don’t enjoy the travel, you probably won’t take any beautiful pictures.

Either by train, plane, bus, car, boat or even by foot, I just hope for what a great Greek poet said:


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